Sharp attends recent Hotel Suppliers Trade Show



The 2016 Hotel Suppliers Show, the hotel industry’s all-in-one sourcing expo, was held last September 22-24 at the SMX Convention Center. The event gathered top brands and businesses with product offerings and supplies that cater to the hotel industry’s needs—from front desk or back-of-house devices, to kitchen and housekeeping equipment, even to small necessities like tools and furniture, the trade show has it all covered.

The event became an opportunity for businesses to meet customers and buyers, source out innovative materials, learn new technologies, upgrade existing tools, and get acquainted with industry experts.






For the event, Sharp came in prepared and showcased this impressive line-up:

Sharp Ultrasonic Washer - The quick solution spot washing device for any stains.


Sharp Mini-Bar Fridge – A small-sized fridge that fits the design and space of hotel rooms.


Sharp Commercial Microwave Oven – The fast and efficient way in reheating food.


Sharp Air Condition Unit – Energy efficient without compromising cooling performance.


Sharp 4K CCTV Smart Camera – Designed with intelligent function for advanced security technology and with high quality 4K resolution.


Sharp CCTV Camera - Analog and IP-based connections that provide best results in security system.


Sharp Plasmacluster Ion (PCI) – Unique and pioneering technology for health and wellness.


Sharp Wireless Access Point – Advanced engineering for the future of the Internet of Things (IoT).


Sharp 8K Resolution LCD TV - Technology and visual quality beyond the 4K resolution.



With attendees that include hoteliers, businessmen, procurement heads, and even new entrepreneurs, Sharp was able to maximize product exposure to all potential customers.

A standout during the exhibit, most of Sharp’s products received good reviews and feedback, attracting even more people because of the Ultrasonic Washer’s product demo. Other inquires include those interested in the Mini-Bar fridge, the J-Tech Inverter AC line, the Smart Camera and CCTV cameras, and the Sharp 8K TV.



Most guests were surprised with the wide offerings of Sharp and ultimately considered the brand as great alternative and option from the usual.

Engaging to potential clients is one of Sharp’s top priorities. Its participation in the Hotel Suppliers Show only proves the company’s dedication in sharing the ingenuity of its products and technologies—technologies that can shape the future of the industry. As proof, Sharp was given the Top Innovator award for its industry game changers: the Ultrasonic Washer, the Plasmacluster Ion Technology, and the Sharp 8K resolution TV.

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