Redefining air quality standards in healthcare facilities

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Hospitals face the dual challenge of keeping facilities highly santitary and of maintaining a comfortable environment for patients and staff. Strong sanitizing agents are utilized to achieve the level of cleanliness necessary to safeguard the health of patients, though commonly with the side effect of releasing harsh chemical odors. For a local diagnostic clinic, dialysis center, and leading hospital, Sharp Plasmacluster products provided the solution to not only eliminate airborne contaminants, viruses and bacteria, but also cleanse and refresh the air within their facilities.


A leading hospital tested the effectivity of the Plasmacluster Ion Generator (IG-A40E-W) in one of their operating rooms – already one of the most sanitary of locations in the entire hospital due to the stringent controls for operation room settings – in order to further reduce the level of airborne bacteria and risk of infection. The same hospital also installed a Plasmacluster Air Purifier with Humidifier (KI-A60E-W) in their Oncology Section for two weeks. The air purifier successfully reduced the odor of chemotherapy medications and sanitizing agents, to the increased comfort of their patients and staff.


One unit of Plasmacluster Ion Generator (IG-A40E-W) was also installed in a dialysis center for the purpose of preventing transmission of airborne diseases between patients and medical staff. It has been reported to be effective in minimizing the odor of medications and reagents.


A diagnostic clinic in the commercial business district also tested the Plasmacluster Ion Generator (IG-A40E-W) and Air Purifier with Humidifier (KC-D60E-W) in their reception/ IV extraction area, and laboratory, to reduce the distinct hospital odor experienced by guests and keep laboratory samples free from inadvertent airborne contamination.