Keeping the meat section of Supermarkets clean, safe and odorless with Plasmacluster Ion Generators

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Supermarkets are always packed with different types of people hence, producing bacterial and viral contaminations that are very dangerous. Health Authorities have been tirelessly working to keep food products safe and certified. But keeping cleanliness does not stop just when it’s verified. Cleanliness can and must continue in the place of purchase.

Gladly, big supermarkets around the Metro decided to invest in equipment that will surely help them do the job. In partnership with Sharp Philippines, one supermarket giant in Makati has installed Plasmacluster Ion Generators (IG-A40E-W and IG-BL20E-W) last September 2014 in the seafood, fresh and meat preparation section. These air purifiers have the cleaning power of Plasmacluster Technology that uses positive and negative ions to disinfect the air. It deactivates airborne substances to keep the seafood and meat preparation section fresh and safe, and creating a convenient, clean and odorless shopping place for everyone.