Improving productivity by providing healthy and conducive workplace

                          Industrial revolution is a period in history when machineries become dominant. It marked a shift to factories and mass production and up to present times, it continues to generate and make jobs more easier. In line with this, through Sharp’s vision of providing […]

Keeping the meat section of Supermarkets clean, safe and odorless with Plasmacluster Ion Generators

                   Supermarkets are always packed with different types of people hence, producing bacterial and viral contaminations that are very dangerous. Health Authorities have been tirelessly working to keep food products safe and certified. But keeping cleanliness does not stop just when it’s verified. Cleanliness can and must continue in […]

Airline Lounge installed Plasmacluster Air Purifiers providing maximum comfort for their clients

                        Lobby and lounge areas are important facilities in establishments that welcome VIPs and guests almost daily. To make it extra pleasing and comfortable for customers, one of the biggest Airline companies recently installed 5 units of the Sharp Plasmacluster Air Purifier with Humidifier (KI-A60E-W), […]

A whole new level of customer care implemented in some Hotels with the Sharp Plasmacluster Air Purifier with Humidifier

                     Hotel industry is a vital element to tourism sector. Without hotels and lodging inns, visitors from another place wont bother to spend their time in a certain place. And because it is in demand, the competitions between hotels are very high. Hotel owners are striving to provide […]